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Muhammad Ali fights Archie Moore
Highly recommended

Sugar Ray Robinson
 vs Jake Lamotta

"Saint Valentines Day Massacre"
Classic Fight and a must see.
 Jake LaMotta is in the fight early and gives Sugar Ray Robinson
all he can handle before Ray 
turns this fight into what the media of the
day called the "Saint Valentines Day Masacre"
Jake Lamotta never surrenders as he is
beaten to a pulp by a masterful
Sugar Ray Robinson.
Footage of the complete fight as seen Live
Includes the replay from different camera angles.

Larry Holmes
VS Ray Mercer
Just shy of his 43rd birthday, Holmes
gives undefeated Ray Mercer, 10 years
his junior, a boxing lesson.
A confident Holmes during the fight
yells to the ringside judges -
"I'm no Tommy Morrison"

Evander Holyfield
VS Dwight Qawi
 In only his 12th professional
fight, Evander beats the hardened
Dwight Muhammad Qawi
to become the  cruiserweight
Relentless action in a give and
take  struggle. Evander said of
the fight - "It was like I swam to
the middle of the ocean and had
nothing left -  half way through
the fight"

James Douglas
vs Mike Tyson
50-1 underdog James Buster Douglas
uses superior hand and foot speed
as he punches from angles and
drills  Iron Mikes face with
a ramrod power jab.
Incredible upset.

Roberto Duran vs
Dave Moore
Hands of Stone hands a brutal
beating to a very young Davey Moore.
Manos de Piedra puts on an
incredible display of boxing before
the start of a horrific
pounding.  The fight should have
been stopped sooner!

Roberto Duran vs
Iran Barkley
Just when you think Duran's
best days are over-
A 37 year old Duran recaptures his
youth as he uses brilliant
defense and superb boxing skill
to avoid the ultra rugged Barkley's
bombs before flooring him to
seal the victory in Roberto's final
great fight.

James Toney vs
Iran Barkley
"The Blade" serves as a
perfect foil to James Toney's
genius as "Light's Out" proves he
can do just about everything a fighter
dreams of. James boxes from the
outside, inside and everything in between
as he beats Iran to a pulp before
Barkley's corner wisely puts a stop
to the slaughter.

Larry Holmes vs
Mike Weaver
Larry has all he can handle
as Mike "Hercules" Weaver
continually presses forward landing
heavy handed bombs.
"He was beating the hell out of me" states Holmes before knocking Weaver
down and grabbing the TKO in round 12.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs
Meldrick Taylor
In the early rounds
Taylor outboxes and outfights the
legendary Chavez in an incredible
display of skill and guts. But Meldrick is on
the receiving end of a brutal battering
as the fight enters the championship
rounds and Chavez rallies.
The fight is stopped with 2 seconds
remaining!!! - Taylor is never the same.
Must See Fight.

 Pernell Whitaker
Jose Luis Ramirez
"Sweet Pea" avenges his first loss
 considered by many to be one of the
worse decisions in boxing history.
In the rematch Whitaker leaves no doubt
as he puts on the performance of
his career. Pernell is seen here
in his prime at light weight shutting
out Ramirez who enters the fight with
a record of 100 wins!!

Mark Breland
Aaron Davis
In an amazing fight where both
fighters are badly hurt Davis knocks out an exhausted Mark Breland,
a 1984 olympic darling. This is a slugfest!!
Marlon Starling commented in retirement that Mark Breland's
JAB was like most
welterweights RIGHT HAND punch. Aaron Davis samples
Breland's power again and again.  What a FIGHT!!!

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 Sugar Ray Robinson



Sugar Ray Robinson COMPLETE filmed Career on 13 DVD's

Ray Robinson is considered to be the finest fighting machine the world has ever witnessed in the boxing ring. The term "pound for pound" was originally coined to describe the brilliance that was Sugar Ray Robinson.

Witness for your self Ray Robinson in action.  Sugar Ray knocked out, with stunning grace and elegance, 108 professional opponents in 200 professional bouts in a career that ended when Ray fought his last fight at the age of 45 years.

This is a rare opportunity that may never be offered again. Only  $155.00 on 13 dvd's.

On 13 dvd's in total representing the complete filmed footage known to exist of Sugar Ray Robinson in the boxing ring.

Including two full length documentaries.
"Pound for Pound" 90 minutes  DVD 12
"Bright Light Dark Shadows" 55 minutes  DVD 13

DVD #1 Hi-lites of Sugar Ray Robinson against the following opponents : Angott, Becket, Riccio, Flores, Giardello, Abrams, Leahy, Villemaine, Panther, Pender, Downes, Barnes, Hecht, Basting, Castallani, Valentine, Archer, Stock, Van Dam, Stretz, Walzack, Saerens, Estatoff, Ancona, Nonnels, Turpin, Graziano, Fusari. . Some of the extremely rare early career hi-lites are silent.

DVD #2 Ray Robinson vs Jake LaMotta.

DVD #3 Ray Robinson vs Paul Pender I  - 50 minutes.                           vs Paul Pender II - Hi-lites 12 minutes.

DVD #4  Ray Robinson  vs Dennis Moyer I  - 42 minutes                              vs Dennis Moyer  II  - 40 minutes

DVD #5  Ray Robinson  vs Bobo Olson  II, II, IV  - 1 hour  10 minutes

DVD #6  Ray Robinson  vs Carmen Basilio I and II  - 1 hour                               vs Ralph Tiger Jones   - 40 minutes

DVD #7  Ray Robinson  vs Bobby Dykes  - 50  minutes.                              vs Rocky Graziano   - 9 minutes                               vs Joey Maxim   - 44 minutes

DVD #8  Ray Robinson  vs Joey Giardello  - 10 minutes  silent                  vs Rocky Castellani  - 30 minutes  silent                  vs Joey Archer  - 17 minutes                              vs Charley Fusari  - 24 minutes

DVD #9  Ray Robinson  vs Randy Turpin I  - 52 minutes                              vs Randy Turpin II  - 19 minutes

DVD #10  Ray Robinson   vs Gene Fullmer  I and II.

DVD #11  Ray Robinson  vs Gene Fullmer  III and IV  ( IV is silent color)

DVD  #12   Pound for Pound Documentary   99  minutes

DVD  #13   Bright Lights Dark Shadows Documentary   55 minutes


Rocky Marciano Ezzard Charles
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