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Muhammad Ali fights Archie Moore
Highly recommended

Sugar Ray Robinson
 vs Jake Lamotta

"Saint Valentines Day Massacre"
Classic Fight and a must see.
 Jake LaMotta is in the fight early and gives Sugar Ray Robinson
all he can handle before Ray 
turns this fight into what the media of the
day called the "Saint Valentines Day Masacre"
Jake Lamotta never surrenders as he is
beaten to a pulp by a masterful
Sugar Ray Robinson.
Footage of the complete fight as seen Live
Includes the replay from different camera angles.

Larry Holmes
VS Ray Mercer
Just shy of his 43rd birthday, Holmes
gives undefeated Ray Mercer, 10 years
his junior, a boxing lesson.
A confident Holmes during the fight
yells to the ringside judges -
"I'm no Tommy Morrison"

Evander Holyfield
VS Dwight Qawi
 In only his 12th professional
fight, Evander beats the hardened
Dwight Muhammad Qawi
to become the  cruiserweight
Relentless action in a give and
take  struggle. Evander said of
the fight - "It was like I swam to
the middle of the ocean and had
nothing left -  half way through
the fight"

James Douglas
vs Mike Tyson
50-1 underdog James Buster Douglas
uses superior hand and foot speed
as he punches from angles and
drills  Iron Mikes face with
a ramrod power jab.
Incredible upset.

Roberto Duran vs
Dave Moore
Hands of Stone hands a brutal
beating to a very young Davey Moore.
Manos de Piedra puts on an
incredible display of boxing before
the start of a horrific
pounding.  The fight should have
been stopped sooner!

Roberto Duran vs
Iran Barkley
Just when you think Duran's
best days are over-
A 37 year old Duran recaptures his
youth as he uses brilliant
defense and superb boxing skill
to avoid the ultra rugged Barkley's
bombs before flooring him to
seal the victory in Roberto's final
great fight.

James Toney vs
Iran Barkley
"The Blade" serves as a
perfect foil to James Toney's
genius as "Light's Out" proves he
can do just about everything a fighter
dreams of. James boxes from the
outside, inside and everything in between
as he beats Iran to a pulp before
Barkley's corner wisely puts a stop
to the slaughter.

Larry Holmes vs
Mike Weaver
Larry has all he can handle
as Mike "Hercules" Weaver
continually presses forward landing
heavy handed bombs.
"He was beating the hell out of me" states Holmes before knocking Weaver
down and grabbing the TKO in round 12.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs
Meldrick Taylor
In the early rounds
Taylor outboxes and outfights the
legendary Chavez in an incredible
display of skill and guts. But Meldrick is on
the receiving end of a brutal battering
as the fight enters the championship
rounds and Chavez rallies.
The fight is stopped with 2 seconds
remaining!!! - Taylor is never the same.
Must See Fight.

 Pernell Whitaker
Jose Luis Ramirez
"Sweet Pea" avenges his first loss
 considered by many to be one of the
worse decisions in boxing history.
In the rematch Whitaker leaves no doubt
as he puts on the performance of
his career. Pernell is seen here
in his prime at light weight shutting
out Ramirez who enters the fight with
a record of 100 wins!!

Mark Breland
Aaron Davis
In an amazing fight where both
fighters are badly hurt Davis knocks out an exhausted Mark Breland,
a 1984 olympic darling. This is a slugfest!!
Marlon Starling commented in retirement that Mark Breland's
JAB was like most
welterweights RIGHT HAND punch. Aaron Davis samples
Breland's power again and again.  What a FIGHT!!!

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 Sugar Ray Robinson



Sugar Ray Robinson COMPLETE filmed Career on 13 DVD's

Ray Robinson is considered to be the finest fighting machine the world has ever witnessed in the boxing ring. The term "pound for pound" was originally coined to describe the brilliance that was Sugar Ray Robinson.

Witness for your self Ray Robinson in action.  Sugar Ray knocked out, with stunning grace and elegance, 108 professional opponents in 200 professional bouts in a career that ended when Ray fought his last fight at the age of 45 years.

This is a rare opportunity that may never be offered again. Only  $155.00 on 13 dvd's.

On 13 dvd's in total representing the complete filmed footage known to exist of Sugar Ray Robinson in the boxing ring.

Including two full length documentaries.
"Pound for Pound" 90 minutes  DVD 12
"Bright Light Dark Shadows" 55 minutes  DVD 13

DVD #1 Hi-lites of Sugar Ray Robinson against the following opponents : Angott, Becket, Riccio, Flores, Giardello, Abrams, Leahy, Villemaine, Panther, Pender, Downes, Barnes, Hecht, Basting, Castallani, Valentine, Archer, Stock, Van Dam, Stretz, Walzack, Saerens, Estatoff, Ancona, Nonnels, Turpin, Graziano, Fusari. . Some of the extremely rare early career hi-lites are silent.

DVD #2 Ray Robinson vs Jake LaMotta.

DVD #3 Ray Robinson vs Paul Pender I  - 50 minutes.                           vs Paul Pender II - Hi-lites 12 minutes.

DVD #4  Ray Robinson  vs Dennis Moyer I  - 42 minutes                              vs Dennis Moyer  II  - 40 minutes

DVD #5  Ray Robinson  vs Bobo Olson  II, II, IV  - 1 hour  10 minutes

DVD #6  Ray Robinson  vs Carmen Basilio I and II  - 1 hour                               vs Ralph Tiger Jones   - 40 minutes

DVD #7  Ray Robinson  vs Bobby Dykes  - 50  minutes.                              vs Rocky Graziano   - 9 minutes                               vs Joey Maxim   - 44 minutes

DVD #8  Ray Robinson  vs Joey Giardello  - 10 minutes  silent                  vs Rocky Castellani  - 30 minutes  silent                  vs Joey Archer  - 17 minutes                              vs Charley Fusari  - 24 minutes

DVD #9  Ray Robinson  vs Randy Turpin I  - 52 minutes                              vs Randy Turpin II  - 19 minutes

DVD #10  Ray Robinson   vs Gene Fullmer  I and II.

DVD #11  Ray Robinson  vs Gene Fullmer  III and IV  ( IV is silent color)

DVD  #12   Pound for Pound Documentary   99  minutes

DVD  #13   Bright Lights Dark Shadows Documentary   55 minutes


Rocky Marciano Ezzard Charles
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Ali    "Al ""Blue"" Lewis"        TKO 11        CS    Ali fights his old sparring partner
Ali    Alfredo Evangelista        W 15            Post-fight footage - Ali not in great shape
Ali    Archie Moore        TKO 4    10 min    CS    Hi-Lites Only
Ali    Bob Foster        KO 8    21-Nov-1972     Ali    Bob Foster        KO 8    21-Nov-1972    British CC    Ali gets cut
Ali    Brian London        TKO 3        B&W    Ali in his prime
Ali    Buster Mathis        W 12            - post-fight footage
Ali    Chuck Wepner        KO 15        CS
Ali    Cleveland Williams        TKO 3    14-Nov-1966    B&W    Commentary by Don Dunphy - Ali in his prime
Ali    Cleveland Williams        TKO 3    14-Nov-1966    CS Ali in his prime
Ali    Doug Jones        W 10            Jones knows how to fight - a tough test for Cassius
Ali    Earnie Shavers        W 15            Brutal battle - Shavers rocks Ali with right hand bombs  ABC version  
Ali    Earnie Shavers        W 15           British closed circuit version
Ali    Ernie Terrell        W 15    "Feb, 1967"    CS    Commentary by Cossell
Ali    Floyd Patterson    i     TKO 12    22-Nov-1965    B&W    Ali tortures Floyd
Ali    Floyd Patterson    ii    TKO 7        CS    Commentary by Cossell
Ali    George Chuvalo    i     W 15        CS    Ali has his hands full with legendary tough Canadian
Ali    George Chuvalo    ii    W 12        CS    In shape Ali battles in shape Chuvalo
Ali    George Foreman        KO 8            Pre- & post-fight footage
Ali    Gorilla Monsoon        Wrestling            Ali having fun
Ali    Henry Cooper    i     TKO 5        CS Hi-Lites Only
Ali    Henry Cooper    ii    TKO 6        CS    Hi-Lites Only - extensive pre-fight
Ali    Ingemar Johansson        Sparring    5 min    B&W    Silent audio - Sparring footage
Ali    Jean Pierre Coopman        KO 5            Rumor has it happy Pierre drank before the bout
Ali    Jerry Quarry    ii    TKO 7        British CC    Pre- & post-fight footage
Ali    Jerry Quarry    ii    TKO 7        CS     Ali at his relaxed best
Ali    Jerry Quarry    i     TKO 3            Ali cuts up Quarry
Ali    Jerry Quarry    ii    TKO 7        British CC    Pre- & post-fight footage
Ali    Jimmy Ellis        TKO 12            Ali beats his old friend and sparring partner
Ali    Jimmy Young        W 15            Ali is out of shape and gets a surprise from Young
Ali    Joe Bugner    i     W 12            Incomplete - Missing Rds. 3 & 6
Ali    Joe Bugner    ii    W 15            Ali is in shape and roughs up Bugner
Ali    Joe Frazier        Studio Brawl    1 hr 28 min        Interview with Cossell - Studio Brawl
Ali    Jurgen Blin        KO 7        CS     Ali bashes Bin
Ali    Karl Mildenberger        TKO 12            Ali has a tough time with this southpaw then ends it
Ali    Kenny Jay        Wrestling            Ali having fun
Ali    Leon Spinks    i     L 15        British CC    Pre- & post-fight footage - Mint pic - Some audio distortion
Ali    Mac Foster        W 15            Commentary by Cossell
Ali    Oscar Bonavena        TKO 15        Blended Version    Pre- & post-fight footage - Knocks out ultra rugged Bonavena
Ali    Richard Dunn        TKO 5        CS     Richard done in 5 rounds
Ali    Ron Lyle        TKO 11            Ron fights a smart fight until Ali catches up with him
Ali    Sonny Banks        TKO 4           
Ali    Sonny Liston    i     TKO 7           
Ali    Trevor Berbick        L 10            Ali's last fight
Ali    Zora Folley        TKO 7        CS     Ali breaks down Folley - Ali in his prime
Ali     Joe Frazier    i     L 15            Fastest paced heavyweight action ever
Ali     Joe Frazier    ii    W 12            Commentary by Cossell - Ali in shape
Ali     Joe Frazier    iii    TKO 14            A war
Ali    Ken Norton    i                 Commentary by Cossell - Ali's jaw broken
Ali   Ken Norton    ii                Great picture
Ali    Ken Norton    iii                Pre- & post-fight footage
Aaron Davis    Vinny Paz        TKO 8            Missing 10 sec. Rd. 1 - Davis withdraws pint of Paz's blood
Aaron Pryor    Akio Kameda        TKO 6             Pryor destroys
Aaron Pryor    Alexis Arguello    I    TKO 14
Aaron Pryor    Alexis Arguello    II    TKO 10           
Aaron Pryor    Gaetan Hart        TKO 6            Pryor destroys
Alexis Arguello  Kevin Rooney    KO 2
Alexis Arguello   James Busceme     TKO 6
Andrew Golota    Tim Witherspoon        L 10            Tim says Andrew is a very big hitter
Antonio Barrera    Eric Morales    I     L 12            A war
Antonio Barrera    Eric Morales    II
Antonio Barrera    Eric Morales    III
Antonio Barrera    Naseem Hamed        W 12             Barrera gives Hamed a boxing lesson
Antonio Tarver    Roy Jones    I     W 12
Antonio Tarver    Roy Jones    II    KO 2            Roy Jones defeated!
Antonio Tarver    Roy Jones    III   W 12
Antonio Tarver    Glen Johnson    II W 12
Antonio Tarver    Glen Johnson    I  L 12
Antonio Margarito  Kermit Cintron   TKO 5
Archie Moore    Billy Smith        ii    D 12    13-Oct-1946        RARE - Silent audio - Handheld camera
Archie Moore    Bobo Olson        KO 3            Light Heavyweight Championship
Archie Moore    Jimmy Bivins        KO 9              10 minute hi-lites
Archie Moore    Jimmy Slade        W 10    3.25 min        Hi-Lites Only
Archie Moore    Rocky Marciano        KO'd by 9    38 min        "Classic for the ages. Rocky down, he gets up, finishes Moore"
Archie Moore    Yvon Durelle    i     KO 11    35 min        Moore at his best
Arturo Gatti    Leonard Dorin        KO 2            KO'd by classic body shot
Arturo Gatti    Leonard Dorin        KO 2            Great bodyshot
Arturo Gatti   Thomas Damgaard   TKO 11
Arturo Gatti    Micky Ward       i     L 10
Arturo Gatti    Micky Ward       ii    W 10
Arturo Gatti    Micky Ward       iii    W 10
Arturo Gatti    Floyd Mayweather   TKO'd by 6
Azumah Nelson    Jesse James Leija    iii    TKO 6            Leija is cut badly - ends the fight
Azumah Nelson   Jeff Fenech      I         D 12
Azumah Nelson    Jeff Fenech    II       TKO 8
Battling Nelson    Joe Gans            1 hr 15 min        Silent audio
Battling Nelson    Owen Moran        KO'd 11    10 min        Hi-Lites Only
Bernard Hopkins    Andrew Council        W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Antwun Echols    i     W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Antwun Echols    ii    TKO 10           
Bernard Hopkins    Carl Daniels        TKO 10           
Bernard Hopkins    Danny Mitchell        KO 1           
Bernard Hopkins    Dennis Milton        KO 4           
Bernard Hopkins    Felix Trinidad        TKO 12            Vintage Hopkins dismantles another legend
Bernard Hopkins    Gilbert Baptist        W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Glen Johnson        TKO 11           
Bernard Hopkins    James Stokes        KO 1           
Bernard Hopkins    Joe Lipsey        TKO 4            Lipsey in over his head
Bernard Hopkins    John David Jackson        TKO 7           
Bernard Hopkins    Jouvin Merchado        KO 2           
Bernard Hopkins    Keith Holmes        W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Lupe Aquino        W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Melvin Wynn        TKO 3           
Bernard Hopkins    Morrade Hakkar        TKO 8           
Bernard Hopkins    Randy Smith        W 10           

Bernard Hopkins    Robert Allen    i     NC 4           
Bernard Hopkins    Robert Allen    ii    TKO 7            Hopkins beats this heavy hitter in second fight
Bernard Hopkins    Robert Allen    iii    W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Roy Jones        L 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Roy Ritchie        TKO 7           
Bernard Hopkins    Segundo Merchado        D 12            A sick Hopkins hangs on for the draw
Bernard Hopkins    Segundo Merchado    ii    TKO 7            Bernard better the second time around
Bernard Hopkins    Steve Frank        TKO 1           
Bernard Hopkins    Syd Vanderpool        W 12           
Bernard Hopkins    Wayne Powell        TKO 1           
Bernard Hopkins    Wendall Hall        TKO 3           
Bernard Hopkins    William Bo James        TKO 11           
Bernard Hopkins    William Joppy        W 12            Hopkins beats Joppy to a pulp - Joppy a mess
Bernard Hopkins     Jermain Taylor   i   L 12
Bernard Hopkins     Jermain Taylor   ii  L12
Bernard Hopkins     Howard Eastman  W 12
Billy Conn    Melio Bettina        W 15            RARE - Hi-Lites Only
Billy Graham     Tony Pellone             ii          15 minutes silent
Bob Fitzsimmons    James J. Corbett        KO 14    27 min        Silent audio
Bob Foster    Dick Tiger        TKO 4    "1968, 13 min"        Classic KO
Bobo Olson    Randy Turpin        W 15    21-Oct-1953        From Madison Square Gardens
Bobby Pacquiao Carlos Hernandez   W 10
Buster Douglas    Tony LaRosa        TKO 4           
Buster Drayton    Matthew Hilton        L 15            Solid veteran warrior beat by young tiger and father time
Calvin Brock  Jameel McCline   W 10
Calvin Brock   Zuri Lawrence     KO 6       Spectacular Knock Out- Scary
Carlos Maussa  Vivian Harris    KO 7
Carlos Monzon    Bernie Briscoe        W 15            RARE - Silent audio - Handheld camera
Carlos Monzon    Denny Moyer        TKO 5           
Carlos Monzon    Emile Griffith    i     TKO 14        B&W    Some picture disruptions
Carlos Monzon    Emile Griffith    ii    W 15            Commentary by Cossell
Carlos Monzon    Gratien Tonna        KO 5           
Carlos Monzon    Jean Claude Bouttier        KO 13        Colour Version    Commentary by Cossell - post-fight footage
Carlos Monzon    Jean Claude Bouttier        KO 13        B&W    Commentary by Cossell
Carlos Monzon    Jose Napoles        TKO 7        British    Post-fight footage with Angelo Dundee
Carlos Monzon    Jose Napoles        TKO 7        British    British Commentary
Carlos Monzon    Nino Benvenuti    i     TKO 12            See the crowning of a new middleweight king
Carlos Monzon    Nino Benvenuti    ii    TKO 3            Commentary by Cossell - Color
Carlos Monzon    Nino Valdez    ii    W 15            Monzon down - he gets up to win in his last ever fight
Carlos Monzon    Tom Bogs        TKO 5        Foreign    
Carlos Monzon    Tony Licata        TKO 10            From Madison Square Gardens
Carlos Monzon    Tony Mundine        KO 7           
Charley Burley    Billy Smith    ii    W 10    20 min    B&W    Hi-Lites Only - Silent audio
Chris Byrd    David Tua        W 12        Showtime    Pre- & post-fight footage
Chris Byrd    Ike Ibeabuchi        TKO'd by 5            Commentary by HBO - Low audio
Chris Byrd    Jameel McCline        W 12            Byrd stands his ground with another BIG man
Chris Byrd    Vitali Klitschko        TKO 10       
Cory Spinks    Ricardo Mayorga        W 12            Mayorga given a boxing lesson
Cory Spinks    Zab Judah        I      W 12            Cory proves he is the man
Cory Spinks    Zab Judah        II
Crisanto Espana   Meldrick Taylor   TKO 8
Cruz Carbajal    Gerald Espinoza        TKO 8           

Dana Rosenblat    Terry Norris        W 12            Dana beats a shell of Terry Norris
Danny Lopez  Mike Ayala      KO 15
Danny Lopez    Juan Malverez      KO 2
Danny Lopez     Roberto  Castenan    KO 2
Danny Lopez      Salvador Sanchez        I    TKO'd by 13
Diego Corrales    Acelino Freitas        TKO 10            "Diego dominates, Acelino declares ""No Mas"""
Diego Corrales    Joel Casamayor    i     TKO'd 6            Diego wants to continue despite huge mouth wound
Diego Corrales    Joel Casamayor    ii    W 12            Corrales gives Joel the jab - wins the fight
Diego Corrales    Jose Luis Castillo    i  TKO 10
Diego Corrales    Jose Luis Castillo    ii   KO'd 4
Dominick Guinn    Duncan Dokiwari        W 10           
Donald Curry    Milton McCrory        KO 2            The Cobra strikes
Donovan Ruddock    Mike Dokes        TKO 4            Ruddock has that great left hook-upercut
Earnie Shavers    Bernardo Mercado        TKO'd by 7            Earnie hits Marcado so hard it splits his glove open
Earnie Shavers    Henry Clark    ii    KO 2            Shavers makes short work of Clark in their second bout
Earnie Shavers    Howard Smith        KO 2            Commentary by Jerry Quarry
Earnie Shavers    James Tillis        L 10           
Earnie Shavers    Ken Norton        KO 1           
Earnie Shavers    Ron Lyle        KO'd by 7            RARE - Silent audio - Handheld camera
Earnie Shavers   Randall Tex Cobb    TKO'd by  8
Earnie Shavers    Roy Tiger Williams        KO 10            Last round exciting give and take brawl
Emanuel Burton  Jaime Rangel     TKO 10
Emanuel Burton   Mike Griffith        TKO 10
Emanuel Burton   Hermann Ngoudjo     L 12
Emanuel Burton   Floyd Mayweather      TKO'd by 9
Emanuel Burton   Micky Ward       L 10
Emile Griffith    Benny Paret    ii     L 15                  Paret wins!
Emile Griffith    Benny Paret    iii    TKO 12            Benny killed in the ring
Eric Morales  Manny Pacquiao     i   W 12
Eric Morales  Manny Pacquiao     ii   TKO'd by 11
Eric Morales  Marco Antonio Barrera   i   W 12
Eric Morales  Marco Antonio Barrera  ii  L 12
Eric Morales  Marco Antonio Barrera  ii L 12
Eugene Crique    Johnny Dundee            50 sec       
Evander Holyfield    Adilson Rodrigues        KO 2            Pre- & post-fight footage
Evander Holyfield    Alex Stewart    i     TKO 8            Tough battle of the undefeated - Holyfield takes command
Evander Holyfield    Alex Stewart    ii    W 12           
Evander Holyfield    Anthony Davis        KO 4            A young Holyfield cannot be stopped
Evander Holyfield    Bert Copper        TKO 7            Holyfield gets rocked and comes back yet again
Evander Holyfield    Bobby Czyz        TKO 5            Tyson takes fight with Holyfield off this poor showing
Evander Holyfield    Carlos DeLeon        TKO 8           
Evander Holyfield    Dwight Qawi    i     W 15            A supreme battle - Holyfield passes baptism by fire
Evander Holyfield    Dwight Qawi    ii    TKO 4            Holyfield even better second time around
Evander Holyfield    Freddie Brown        KO 1           
Evander Holyfield    George Foreman        W 12            "George has his moments but Evander too young, fast & skilled"
Evander Holyfield    Hasim Rahman        Tech D 8            Rahman get roughed up - Huge goose egg on his head
Evander Holyfield    Henry Tillman        TKO 7            Holyfield takes on the heavyweights
Evander Holyfield    James Buster Douglas        KO 3            Wins the title - Heavyweight Champion
Evander Holyfield    James Tillis        KO 8            Holyfield beats another heavyweight
Evander Holyfield    James Toney        TKO'd by 9           
Evander Holyfield    Jesse Shelby        KO 3           
Evander Holyfield    John Ruiz    i     W 12            Ugly fight - Evander gets a gift decision
Evander Holyfield    John Ruiz    ii    L 12            "Holyfield knocks Ruiz out with body shot, Cortez rules a foul??"
Evander Holyfield    John Ruiz    iii    D 12            Holyield dominates but only gets the draw
Evander Holyfield    Larry Donald        L 12            Holyfield a shell of himself
Evander Holyfield    Larry Holmes        W 12            Holmes gives all and pukes at the end of the fight
Evander Holyfield    Lennox Lewis    i     D 12            Evander gets a draw but is outboxed by Lewis
Evander Holyfield    Lennox Lewis    ii    L 12            Evander outboxes Lewis in a close losing decision
Evander Holyfield    Lionel Byarm        W 6            Evander's pro-debut

Evander Holyfield    Mark Rivera        KO 2           
Evander Holyfield    Michael Brothers        TKO 3            Silent audio - Home Video
Evander Holyfield    Michael Dokes        TKO 10            Great battle - Inspired effort and story
Evander Holyfield    Michael Moorer    ii    TKO 8            Pre- & post-fight footage - Moorer keeps getting up
Holyfield-Tyson Collection $39.99    Mike Tyson    i     TKO 11            Commentary by Bob Sheridan
    Mike Tyson    ii    DQ 3       
Evander Holyfield    Mike Tyson    i     TKO 11         - Pre-fight news coverage
Evander Holyfield    Mike Tyson    ii    DQ 3           - Pre-fight news coverage
Evander Holyfield    Ossie Ocasio        TKO 11           
Evander Holyfield    Pinklon Thomas        TKO 7            Sad end for Pinklon
Evander Holyfield    Ray Mercer        W 10            Mercer down for the first time in his career
Evander Holyfield    Rick Meyers        KO 1           
Holyfield-Bowe Collection $39.99    Riddick Bowe    i     L 12            Re-broadcast - Bowe at his best - Brutal battle
    Riddick Bowe    ii    W 12            Holyfield wins back championship - Fan Man shows up
    Riddick Bowe    iii    TKO'd by 8            Holyfield knocks Bowe down despite suffering from Hep-A
Evander Holyfield    Vaughn Bean        W 12            Film cuts out pre-announcement of decision
Evander Holyfield    Womack    iii    Amateur           
Evander Holyfield    Womack    v    Amateur
Ezzard Charles         Coley Wallace     KO 10           
Ezzard Charles    Harold Johnson        L 10           
Ezzard Charles    Harold Johnson        L 10    33 min       
Ezzard Charles    Jersey Joe Walcott    iii    KO'd by 7    "July, 1951 - 25 min"        All time classic!
Ezzard Charles    Jersey Joe Walcott    iii    KO'd by 7    "July, 1951"       
Ezzard Charles    Joey Maxim        W 12    11 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ezzard Charles    Joe Louis                             W15
Ezzard Charles    John Holman    ii    W 10            COMPLETE fight- Ezzard avenges Ezzard Charles    Lloyd Marshall    ii    KO 6            Silent audio - Ezzard avenges
Ezzard Charles    Pat Valentino        KO 8    Oct 14/1949 - 22 min   
Felix Savon    David Izon

Felix Savon  Tom Glesby
Felix Savon  Dannel Nicholson
Felix Savon  Malcom Tann
Felix Savon  Kirk Johnson
Felix Savon  David Tua
Felix Savon  Lvan Klasuigi
Felix Savon  David Defiagbon
Felix Savon  Sultan Ibragimov
Felix Savon  Shannon Briggs
Felix Savon  Michael Bennet
Felix Savon  Sultan Ibraghimav   
Felix Trinidad    David Reid        W 12            Commentary by Bob Sheridan - Low audio
Felix Trinidad    Fernando Vargas        KO 12          
Felix Trinidad    Hugo Pineda        KO 4           
Felix Trinidad    Oscar De La Hoya        W 12           
Felix Trinidad    Pernell Whitaker        W 12           Lifestyle catches up with this all-time great
Felix Trinidad    Rivardo Mayorga        KO 8 
Fernando Vargas   Javier Castillejo   W 10
Fernando Vargas    Raymond Joval   W 10
Fernando Vargas    Felix Trinidad   TKO'd by 12
Fernando Vargas    Oscar DeLaHoya    TKO'd by 11
Fernando Vargas    Ike Quartey     W 12
Fernando Vargas    Winky Wright  W 12
Fernando Montiel  Evert Briceno   W 12
Floyd Mayweather JR    Phillip Ndou        TKO 7
Floyd Mayweather JR   Sharmba Mitchell  TKO 6
Floyd Mayweather JR   Arturo Gatti     TKO 6
Floyd Mayweather JR   Diego Corrales  TKO 10   Floyd too fast !!!
Floyd Mayweather JR    Jose Luis Castillo   i         W 12
Floyd Mayweather JR    Jose Luis Castillo   ii        W 12
Floyd Mayweather JR    Emanuel Burton           TKO 9
Floyd Patterson    Brian London        KO 11    40 min    CS
Floyd Patterson    Jimmy Ellis        L 15           
Floyd Patterson    Roy Harris        TKO 13    13.27 min       
Floyd Patterson    Tommy Jackson    ii    TKO 10
Frankie Randall       Julio Cesar Chavez      W 12           
Fres Oquendo    Maurice Harris        KO 10            Maurice outboxes - Fres lands sledghammer and rabbit punch
Gene Tunney    Jack Dempsey        W 10    13.40 min        Hi-Lites Only
Gene Tunney    Tom Gibbons        KO 12    3.40 min        Hi-Lites Only
Gene Tunney    Tom Henney        TKO 11    4 min        Hi-Lites Only
Glen Johnson    Antonio Tarver        W12     i       Lots of action as Johnson keeps coming

George Foreman    Alex Stewart        W 10            George wins but Alex rearranges his face in the process
George Foreman    Ali        KO'd by 8            Classic - underdog Ali shocks the world again
George Foreman    Bert Cooper        TKO 3    1989       
George Foreman    Bob Hazelton        KO 1           
George Foreman    Boone Kirkman        TKO 2           
George Foreman    Carlos Hernandez        TKO 4    1988
George Foreman    Dino Dennis                TKO 4    
George Foreman    Don Waldheim        KO 3           
George Foreman    Frazier    i     TKO 2            George too much for much smaller Joe
George Foreman    Frazier    ii    TKO 5            George still too much for Frazier
George Foreman    George Chuvalo        TKO 3           
George Foreman    Guido Trane        TKO 5    1988       
George Foreman    J.B. Williamson        TKO 5            Big George on the comeback George Foreman    James J. Woody        TKO 3           
George Foreman    Jimmy Ellis        TKO 3            Big George too much for Ellis George Foreman    Jimmy Young        L 12        ABC    Post-fight with Young
George Foreman    Joe Frazier    i     KO 2           
George Foreman    Joe Frazier    ii    KO 5           
George Foreman    John (Dino) Dennis        TKO 4    15-Oct-1976       
George Foreman    Ken Lakusta        KO 3    1990       
George Foreman    Ken Norton        TKO 2            Even Ken Norton cannot stand up to a young Foreman
George Foreman    Ken Norton        KO 2           
George Foreman    King Joe Roman        KO 1           
George Foreman    Ladislao Mijangos        KO 2    1988       
George Foreman    Luis Pires        KO 4           
George Foreman    Michael Moorer        KO 10            Wins the title - Heavyweight Champion
George Foreman    Miguel Angel Paez        KO 2           
George Foreman    Mike Jamieson        TKO 4    1990       
George Foreman    Ron Lyle        KO 5            Brutal give and take slugfest - Perfect picture
George Foreman    Scott LeDoux        KO 3           
George Foreman    Ted Gullick        KO 2
George Foreman    Terry Anderson        KO1          
George Foreman    Tony Fulilangi        TKO 2    1988       
George Foreman    Toronto 5                    George beats on 5 men in one evening
Gerrie Coetzee  Mike Dokes      KO 10        
Gerald McClellan    Julian Jackson    i     KO 5    08-May-1993        Gerald beats Julian at his own game
Gerald McClellan    Julian Jackson    ii    KO 1    07-May-1994        No different this time around
Gerald McClellan    Nigel Benn        KO'd by10            Tragedy for McClellan
Glen Johnson  Antonio Tarver    i    W 12
Glen Johnson  Antonio Tarver    ii   L 12
Glen Johnson    Roy Jones      KO 9
Harry Greb    Documentary            4 min        RARE - Training footage
Harry Greb    Micky Walker            2 min        Fight contract signing
Hasim Rahman    David Tua   I     TKO'd by 10
Hasim Rahman    David Tua    II    D 12           
Hasim Rahman    Kali Meehan        TKO 4           
Hector Camacho    Roberto Duran        W 12            "Duran is old, Camacho is fast"
Hector Camacho    Edwin Rosario        W 12
Henry Armstrong    Ceferino Garcia        W 15            Prime Henry defending welterweight title
Henry Armstrong   Baby Arzemendi   IV        18  minutes
Ike Ibeabuchi    David Tua        W 12            War for 12 rounds
Ike Quartey  Oscar DeLaHoya   L 12
Ike Quartyey   Verno Phillips  W 10
Ike Quartey   Carlos  Bojorquez   TKO 10
Iran Barkley   Thomas Hearns     I     TKO 3
Iran Barkley   Thomas Hearns    II      W 12
Iran Barkley    Roberto Duran            L 12
Iran Barkley   James Toney       TKO'd by     10
Israel Vazquez   Oscar Larios  TKO 3
Ivan Calderon    Carlos Fajardo        W 12           

Jack Dempsey    Louis Angel Firpo        KO 2    2.45 min       
Jack Johnson    Fireman Jim Flynn        TKO 9    23 min        Silent audio
James Braddock   Max Baer     W 15              30 min  hilites
James J Braddock  Max Baer         W 15          Major hi-lites
James J Braddock       Tommy Loughran    11 minutes          Major hi-lites
James J Braddock           Joe Louis             21 minutes             Major hi-lites
James J Braddock           Tommy Farr         19 minutes             Major hi-lites
James Buddy McGirt    Frankie Warren    ii    KO 12            Classic boxing exhibition
James Buddy McGirt    Joe Gatti        TKO 5            McGirt in form
James Buddy McGirt    Simon Brown        W 12            McGirt at his best - a wonderfull boxing clinic on how it's done
James Douglas    Mike Tyson        KO 10            Douglas at his best
James Douglas    Oliver McCall        W 10            James in shape before defeating Tyson
James Douglas    Tony La Rosa        TKO 4            James is too much for the very game Tony La Rosa
James Douglas    Trevor Berbick        W 10            Douglas takes Berbick to school with his jab
James Leija    Francisco Bojado        W 10            Veteran gives a lesson
James Toney    Charles Williams        KO 12            Toney too much for Williams
James Toney    Iran Barkley        TKO 10            Pre-fight footage - Toney too much skill for Brakley
James Toney    Michael Nunn        TKO 11            Toney introduces himself to big time boxing
Toney-McCallum Collection $39.99    Mike McCallum    i     D 12        TVKO    Commentary by Marvin Hagler - Classic fighters battle it out
    Mike McCallum    ii    W 12            McCallum the stylish boxing master vs the young tiger
    Mike McCallum    iii    W 12           
James Toney    Rydell Booker        W 12           
James Toney    Tim Littles        TKO 4           
James Toney    Vassiliy Jirov        W 12            Toney delivers the goods and body punches - amazing fight!
Jerry Quarry    Earnie Shavers        TKO 1    14-Dec-1973        Commentary by Don Dunphy - Pre- & post-fight footage
Jesse James Leija    Francisco Bojado        W 10            The veteran Leija takes the younger Bojado to school
Jermain Taylor  Daniel Edouard    W TKO 3
Jermain Taylor   Bernard Hopkins   i   W 12
Jermain Taylor   Bernard Hopkins  ii    W 12
Jhonny Gonzalez   Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson     KO 8
Joe Calzaghe      Jeff Lacy       W 12
Joe Frazier    Bob Foster        KO 2            Commentary by Cossell
Joe Frazier    George Chuvalo        TKO 4            Silent audio - Colour
Joe Frazier    George Foreman    i     TKO'd by 2            Commentary by Cossell - Young Foreman bludgeons Frazier
Joe Frazier    George Foreman    ii    TKO'd by 5            Commentary by Cossell
Joe Frazier    Jerry Quarry    ii    TKO 5            Commentary by Dunphy - Joe asks ref. to stop the fight
Joe Frazier    Jimmy Ellis    i     TKO 5            Commentary by Cossell
Joe Frazier    Jimmy Ellis    ii    TKO 9           
Joe Frazier    Joe Bugner        W 12            Pre-fight footage with Frazier
Joe Frazier    Jumbo Cummings        D 10           
Joe Frazier    Oscar Bonavena        W 10        CS    Joe does not have an easy time with ultra tough Bonavena
Joe Frazier    Ron Stander        TKO 5        Blended Version    "A virtual ""bloodbath"" as Joe brutalizes Stander"
Joe Frazier    Ron Stander        TKO 5            Joe brutalizes Ron - George Chuvalo helps with commentary
Joe Frazier    Terry Daniels        TKO 4    24 min    B&W   
Joe Gans    Terry McGovern        KO'd 2    2 min        Silent audio
Joe Louis    Abe Simon    ii    KO 6            Louis hammers big man
Joe Louis    Al McCoy        TKO 6            The legend Joe Louis takes care of business
Joe Louis    Billy Conn    i     KO 13          Major  Hi-Lites  Amazing footage
Joe Louis    Billy Conn    ii    KO 8             Major Hi-Lites  Includes pre fight coverage
Joe Louis    Bob Pastor    i     W 10           
Joe Louis    Bob Pastor    ii    KO 11            Joe wins by KO this time
Joe Louis    Buddy Baer    i     WD 7           
Joe Louis    Buddy Baer    ii    KO 1            Louis  better the second time around
Joe Louis    James Braddock        KO 8            Major Hi-Lites
Joe Louis     Jersey Joe Walcott    W 15          18 min  hi-lites
Joe Louis    Johnny Paycheck        KO 2            Joe dominates all comers
Joe Louis    King Levinski        KO 1            Another day at the office
Joe Louis    Max Baer        KO 4            Too much punishment for Max
Joe Louis    Max Schmeling    i     KO'd by 12    19-Jun-1936        Hi-Lites Only
Joe Louis    Max Schmeling    ii    KO 1            Joe demolishes Max displaces vertebrae with body shot
Joe Louis    Nathan Mann        KO 3            Mann not man enough to beat Louis
Joe Louis    Omelio Agramonte        W 10           
Joe Louis    Tony Galento        TKO 4    28-Jun-1939        Louis knocked down!
Joe Mesi    DaVarryl Williamson        KO 1           
Joe Mesi    Vassiliy Jirov        W 10            Joe receives 3 subdural hematoma's for his troubles
Joel Casamayor    Diego Corrales        TKO 6            Bad cut inside Diego's mouth - fight stopped
Joel Julio   Wilmer Mejia       TKO 2
Joey Maxim    Floyd Patterson        W 8    11 min. 07/06/1954        Classic fighters!
John Ruiz    Andrew Golota        W 12            Ruiz proves again his style stinks every time
John Ruiz    Hasim Rahman        W 12
John Ruiz   Nikolay Valuev    L 12           
John Ruiz    Kirk Johnson        DQ 10
Jorge Arce  Hussein Hussein     i     TKO 10
Jorge Arce  Hussein Hussein    ii     TKO  2
Jose Napoles   Armando   Muniz   I    W 12
Jose Napoles    Hedgeman  Lweis    I    W 15
Jose Napoles    John Stracey   KO'd by    7
Jose Napoles     Carlos Monzon    TKO'd by  7      
Jose Louis Castillo    Juan Lazcano        W 12 
Jose Luis Zertuche    Marcos Primera         
Juan Carlos Gomez    Sinan Samil Sam        W 10           
Juan M. Marquez    Orlando Salido        W 12
Juan Manuel Lopez   Jose Luis Caro          
Juan Manuel Marquez    Derrick Gainer        UD 7
Julio Cesar Chavez      Meldrick Taylor     I   TKO 12
Julio Cesar Chavez      Meldrick Taylor     II    TKO 8
Julio Cesar Chavez      Roger Mayweather   II     W 10
Julio Cesar Chavez      Edwin Rosario       TKO 11
Julio Cesar Chavez      Frankie Randall       L 12
Julio Cesar Chavez      Frankie Randall     II    W 8
Julio Cesar Chavez      Hector Camacho      W 12 
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr  Jeremy Stiers     TKO 5
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr  Ryan Maraldo     TKO 3
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr   Ruben Galvan  TKO 4
Jesus Chavez   Levander Johnson     TKO 11  Tragedy- Levander dies post fight         
Ken Norton    Earnie Shavers        TKO'd by 1            Commentary by Cossell
Ken Norton    Gerry Cooney        TKO'd by 1            Pre- & post-fight footage - Ken Nortons last fight
Ken Norton    Jerry Quarry        TKO 5            Quarry takes a real pounding
Ken Norton    Jose Luis Garcia    ii    TKO 5            Fantastic battle - Ken gets revenge for earlier knock out loss
Ken Norton    Larry Middleton        TKO 10           
Ken Norton    "Randal ""Tex"" Cobb"        W 10        CS   
Ken Norton    Ron Stander        TKO 5            Total blood bath - Stander is brutalized - Ken at his best
Kid Gavilan    Chuck Davey        TKO 10           
Kofi Jantuah    Marco Antonio Rubio        KO 1           
Kosta Tszyu    Vince Phillips        TKO'd by 10    60 min+        Phillips takes all Tszyu has - lands his own right hand bombs
Lamon Brewster    Wladimir Klitschko        TKO 5            Brewster takes brutal punishment
Laila Ali   Aasa Sandell      TKO 5
Larry Holmes    Anthony Willis        KO 8           
Larry Holmes    Bonecrusher Smith    i     TKO 12           
Larry Holmes    Bonecrusher Smith    ii    TKO 8           
Larry Holmes    Brian Nielson        L 12        Fox Sports   
Larry Holmes    Brian Nielson        L 12           
Larry Holmes    Carl Williams        W 15            Amazing battle of jabs
Larry Holmes    David Bey        TKO 10            Post-fight footage
Larry Holmes    Duane Bobick        Amateur            Commentary by Cossell
Larry Holmes    Earnie Shavers    i     W 12            Holmes and Shavers battle in out-boxer vs slugger
Larry Holmes    Earnie Shavers    ii    TKO 11            Holmes wears down then stops a game Earnie Shavers
Larry Holmes    Ed Donaldson        W 10            Commentary by Sean O'Grady
Larry Holmes    Eddie Gonzales        W 10            Commentary by Sean O'Grady
Larry Holmes    Eric (Butterbean) Esch        W 10            Old legend battles fat strong man
Larry Holmes    "Everett ""Big Foot"" Martin"        W 10           
Larry Holmes    Gerry Cooney        TKO 13        HBO    Great fight
Larry Holmes    James Tillis        Exhibition           
Larry Holmes    Jamie Howe        TKO 1           
Larry Holmes    Jesse Ferguson        W 10        French    
Larry Holmes    Jumbo Cummings        Exhibition           
Larry Holmes    Ken Norton        W 15    "Las Vegas, 1978"    ABC    Commentary by Cossell - Best post-fight footage
Larry Holmes    Ken Norton        W 15    "Las Vegas, 1978"        Commentary by Bob Sheridan - Different camera angles
Larry Holmes    LeRoy Jones        TKO 8           
Larry Holmes    Lorenzo Zanon        KO 6            Commentary by Cossell
Larry Holmes    Marvis Frazier        TKO 1            Pre- & post-fight footage
Larry Holmes    Maurice Harris        W 10            Commentary by Sean O'Grady - Tuesday Night Fights
Larry Holmes    Michael Spinks    i     L 15            "Spinks moves up in weight, gains muscle, wins fight"
Larry Holmes    Michael Spinks    ii    L 15            In shape Holmes dominates early rounds - loses decision
Larry Holmes    Mike Tyson        KO'd by 4            Pre- & post-fight footage
Larry Holmes    Mike Weaver    i     TKO 12            "Commentary by Don Dunphy, Larry Merchant, Ryan O'Neil"
Larry Holmes    Mike Weaver    ii    TKO 6           
Larry Holmes    Oliver McCall        L 12            Post-fight footage with Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes    Ossie Ocasio        TKO 7            Commentary by Cossell - Knocks Ossie down with a JAB
Larry Holmes    Paul Poirier        TKO 7            Commentary by Sean O'Grady
Larry Holmes    "Randal ""Tex"" Cobb"        W 15            Rough audio
Larry Holmes    Ray Mercer        W 12            Holmes gives Mercer a boxing lesson
Larry Holmes    Renaldo Snipes        TKO 11            Commentary by Cossell - Post-fight brawl with Snipes
Larry Holmes    Rocky Pepeli        TKO 5            Pre-fight footage
Larry Holmes    Rodney Bobick        TKO 6           
Larry Holmes    Scott Frank        TKO 5            Holmes dominates outclassed Frank
Larry Holmes    Scott LeDoux        TKO 7            LeDoux is tough but no match for this legend
Larry Holmes    Tim Anderson        KO 1           
Larry Holmes    Tim Witherspoon        W 12            Close fight
Larry Holmes    Tom Prater        W 8            RARE
Larry Holmes    Trevor Berbick        W 15           
Larry Holmes    Young Sanford        KO 7           

Lennox Lewis    Hasim Rahman    i     KO'd by 5           
Lennox Lewis    Mike Tyson        KO 8            - Ring walk & post-fight footage
Lennox Lewis    Oliver McCall    i     TKO'd by 2            Oliver takes out Lewis with right hand bomb - eyes closed
Lennox Lewis    Ray Mercer        W 10            Pre- & post-fight footage
Leon Spinks    Sixto Soria        Win            Olympic Gold Medal Win
Leonard-Duran Collection $39.99    Roberto Duran    i     L 15            Post-fight interview with Ferdie Pacheco
    Roberto Duran    ii    TKO 8            Commentary by Cossell - Post-fight footage
    Roberto Duran    iii    W 12           
Leotis Martin    Sonny Liston    i     KO 9            Martin survives then pounces
Manny Pacquiao    Juan Manuel Marquez        D 12            What a fight! Both men give it their all
Manny Pacquiao    Marco Antonio Barrera        TKO 11    2 hr 6 min        Pacquiao shocks and dominates a stunned Barrera
Manny Pacquiao  Eric Morlaes  I  L 12
Manny Pacquiao  Eric Morlaes  II  TKO 10
Marco A. Barrera  Robbie Paden   W 12
Marco A. Barrera   Eric Morales   I   L12
Marco A. Barrera   Erik Morales    ii    W 12           
Marco A. Barrera   Erik Morales    iii    W 12
Marco A. Barrera    Prince Naseem Hamed  
Martin Castillo      Alexander Munoz      W 12
Martin Castillo      Eric Morel    W 12  
Marvin Hagler    John Mugabi        KO 11            Classic tough guy winner takes all battle
Marvin Hagler   Tony Sibson   TKO 6
Marvin Hagler    Loucif Hamani        TKO 2            Hagler destroys highly ranked contender
Marvin Hagler    Marcos Geraldo        W 10            Tough fight
Marvin Hagler    Roberto Duran        W 15    10-Nov-1983    Closed circuit   
Marvin Hagler    Thomas Hearns        TKO 3    15-Apr-1985        All time classic slugfest
Marvin Hagler    Willie Warren        TKO 7            Prime Hagler
Marvin Hagler   Ray Leonard       L 12
Meldrick Taylor   Crisanto Espana   TKO'd by 8
Meldrick Taylor    Julio Cesar Chavez   I     TKO'd by 12   A crime was committed in this fight!
Meldrick Taylor    Julio Cesar Chavez   II   TKO'd by 8
Meldrick Taylor    Terry Norris     TKO'd by 4
Michael Grant    Andrew Golota        TKO 10       
Ward-Gatti Collection
Micky Ward    Arturo Gatti    i     W 10            All time classic trilogy!
Micky Ward   Arturo Gatti    ii    L 10           
Micky Ward   Arturo Gatti    iii    L 10
Max Schmeling    Young Stribling   TKO 15           29 minutes  hi-lites          
Micky Ward    Shea Neary        KO 8            "Seasoned, strong and skilled - Ward finishes Neary"
Mike Dokes   Mike Weaver    II  D 15
Mike Dokes   Donovan Ruddock    TKO'd by 4
Mike Dokes   Evander Holyfield    TKO'd by 10
Mike Dokes   Gerrie Coetzee       KO 10
Miguel Cotto    Lovemore N'dou        W 12           
Miguel Cotto    Randall Bailey        TKO 6
Miguel Cotto    Ricardo Torres        KO 7
Michael Spinks  Gerry Cooney    TKO 5
Michael Spinks   Steffen Tangstad    TKO 4
Michael Spinks    Dwight Qawi     W 15
Mike Weaver   John Tate    KO 15    Tate dominates fight to be blasted unconscious in final moments of the final round
Mike Weaver  Mike Dokes    II    D 15           
Mike McCallum    Herold Graham        W 12           
Mike McCallum    Jeff Harding        W 12            Mature McCallum still shows he is great
Mike McCallum    Julian Jackson        TKO 2    23-Aug-1986        Mike stands his ground and finishes Jackson
Mike McCallum    Michael Watson        KO 11            Master boxer McCallum
Mike McCallum    Milton McCrory        TKO 10            McCallum takes care of business
Mike McCallum    Randall Yonker        TKO 5            "Veteran legend too much for youth, strength and inexperience"
Mike Tyson    Frans Botha        KO 5           
Mike Tyson    Julius Francis        TKO 2           
Mike Weaver    Bert Cooper        W 12           
Nigel Benn    Gerald McClellan        KO 10            Tragedy - Gerald left brain damaged from Benn head-butt
Nikolay Valuev     John Ruiz   W 12
Oliver  McCall  Lennox Lewis    I    TKO 2
Oliver  McCall  Larry Holmes    W 12
Oliver  McCall   James Buster Douglas   L 10
O'Neil Bell   Jean Marc Mormeck    KO 10
Oscar Bonavena    George Chuvalo        W 10        B&W    Silent audio
Oscar Bonavena    Joe Frazier    i     L 10        CS    Commentary by Don Dunphy
Oscar De La Hoya  Julio Cesar Chavez      I   TKO 4
Oscar De La Hoya  Julio Cesar Chavez      II   W 8
Oscar De La Hoya    Felix Sturm        W 12            Oscar blasts this middleweight to no effect
Oscar De La Hoya    Fernando Vargas        TKO 11            Vargas on steroids gets thrashed by De La Hoya
Oscar De La Hoya    Ike Quartey        W 12            Both men go down - beautiful display of the jab
Oscar De La Hoya    Javier Castillejo        W 12           
Oscar De La Hoya    Pernell Whitaker        W 12            Close fight - Pernell's amazing defense against Oscar's speed
Oscar Larios    Nedal Hussein        W 12
Oscar Larios   Wayne McCullough   ii   TKO 10
Oscar Larios  Israel Vazquez   TKO'd by  3          

Pancho Villa    Jimmy Wilde        KO 7    15 sec       
Pancho Villa    Johnny Buff        KO 11    1.10 min       
Paul Spadafora     Leonard Dorin        D 12           
Pernell Whitaker    Jose Luis Ramirez    ii    W 12            Sweet Pea out boxes Ramirez again - Classic Pernell
Pernell Whitaker    Julio Cesar Chavez        D 12           
Pernell Whitaker    Julio Cesar Vasquez        W 12            Pre- & post-fight footage - Low audio
Rafael Marquez    Mauricio Pastrana    ii    TKO 8           
Randal "Tex"" Cobb"    Earnie Shavers        TKO 8    02-Aug-1980       
Ray Leonard    Adolpho Viruet        W 10           
Ray Leonard    Andres Aldama        Amateur            Olympic Gold Medal Win
Ray Leonard    Andy Price        KO 1            Price cannot hold off Ray's firepower
Ray Leonard    Armando Muniz        KO 1           
Ray Leonard    Augustine Estrada        KO 5           
Ray Leonard    Ayub Kalule        TKO 9            Ray is in his prime and is too tough to be beaten
Ray Leonard    Bernardo Prada        W 10            Commentary by Larry Merchant
Ray Leonard    Bruce Curry        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Bruce Finch        KO 3        British    Leonard destroys Finch
Ray Leonard    Clinton McKenzie        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Daniel Gonzales        KO 1            Commentary by Cossell - Loads of pre-fight footage
Ray Leonard    Danny Gonzales        KO 1            Commentary by Cossell - Short version
Ray Leonard    Davey Boy Green        KO 4            Ray Leonard at his best
Ray Leonard    Dick Ecklund        W 10            Commentary by Larry Merchant
Ray Leonard    Donny LaLonde        TKO 9            Ray as a light heavyweight - gets off the canvas to KO Donny
Ray Leonard    Fernand Marcotte        TKO 8            Ray dominates and destroys
Ray Leonard    Floyd Mayweather        TKO 10            Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard    Frank Santore        KO 5            Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard    Geraldo Marcos        W 10            Ray passes the test against a bigger man
Ray Leonard    Hector Camacho        TKO'd by 5            Commentary by Sean O'Grady - Sad end to Leonard's career
Ray Leonard    Johnny Gant        KO 8            Ray early in his career continues to prove his worth
Ray Leonard    Kamnev        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Kazimier Szczerba        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Kevin Howard        KO 9            Pre- & post-fight footage - Ray down for the 1st time
Ray Leonard    Larry Bonds        TKO 10            Marvin Hagler helps with commentary
Ray Leonard    Marvin Hagler        W 12            Ray wins middleweight championship-his greatest comeback
Ray Leonard    Paul Sherry        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Pete Ranzany        TKO 4           
Ray Leonard    Rafael Rodriguez        W 10 
Ray Leonard   Roberto Duran    I    studio mint closed circuit       
Ray Leonard   Roberto Duran    II    closed circuit
Ray Leonard   Roberto Duran    III   
Ray Leonard    Rocky Ramon        W 8           
Ray Leonard    Silver        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Terry Norris        L 12           

Ray Leonard    Thomas Hearns    i                 Great battle - both fighters in their prime
Ray Leonard    Thomas Hearns    ii                Ray gets a gift decision
Ray Leonard    Tony Chiaverini        KO 4            Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard    "Toro ""Bull"" Vega"        W 6        Blended Version    Pro-debut - Jerry Quarry sharing commentary
Ray Leonard    Ulf Carrison        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Ulrich beyer        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Valery Limasov        Amateur           
Ray Leonard    Wilfred Benitez        TKO 15            Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard    Willie Rodriguez        W 6           
Ray Mercer    Bert Cooper        W 12            Tough battle - 2 sluggers duke it out.  Complete mint version
Ray Mercer    Brian Scott        KO 2           
Ray Mercer    Tommy Morrison        TKO 5    18-Oct-1991        Ray blasts Tommy out of there
Ray Robinson    Bobby Dykes        W 10    51 min    Blended Version    RARE
Ray Robinson    Bobo Olson    ii    W 15           
Ray Robinson    Bobo Olson    iii    KO 2    09-Dec-1955        Silent audio
Ray Robinson    Bobo Olson    iv    KO 4            Silent audio
Ray Robinson    Carmen Basilio    i     L 15    30 min        Hi-Lites Only - Beautiful footage with pre-fight interviews
Ray Robinson    Carmen Basilio    ii    W 15    30 min        Hi-Lites Only - Beautiful footage with pre-fight interviews
Ray Robinson    Carmen Basilio    ii    W 15        CS   Incomplete - Commentary by Rocky Marciano
Ray Robinson    Charley Fusari        W 15    24 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Denny Moyer    i     W 10           
Ray Robinson    Denny Moyer    ii    L 10           
Ray Robinson    Documentary            55 min        """Bright Lights, Dark Shadows"""
Ray Robinson    Documentary            99 min        """Pound for Pound"""
Ray Robinson    Emile Saerens        KO 8    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Garth Panther        W 10    3 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Garth Panther        W 10    3 min    Foreign Version    Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Gaylord Barnes        W 10    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
Robinson-Fullmer Collection $39.99    Gene Fullmer    i     L 15    02-Jan-1957    B&W   
    Gene Fullmer    ii    KO 5    01-May-1957    B&W    Incomplete - Missing Rd. 2 - Best left hook ever thrown
    Gene Fullmer    iii    D 15        B&W    Commentary by Don Dunphy
    Gene Fullmer    iv    L 15            Silent audio - Colour
Ray Robinson    Gene Fullmer    iv    L 15        CS    Incomplete - Color and B&W
Ray Robinson    George Estatoff        TKO 6    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Gerhard Hecht            2 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Hans Stretz        KO 6    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Jake La Motta    vi    TKO 13        CS    St. Valentines Day Masacre
Ray Robinson    Jake La Motta    vi    TKO 13    61 min    Live Version    St. Valentines Day Masacre
Ray Robinson    Jake La Motta    vi    TKO 13    30 min    diff. camera angles    St. Valentines Day Masacre - Different camera angles
Ray Robinson    Joey Archer        L 10    17 min        Ray's last Pro-Fight Hi-Lites
Ray Robinson    Joey Giardello        L 10    10 min        Hi-Lites Only - Silent audio
Ray Robinson    Joey Maxim        TKO'd by 14        B&W    Old film - Ray almost dies from heat exhaustion
Ray Robinson    Luc Van Dam        KO 4    1 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Mick Leahy            2 min        Hi-Lites Only - Silent audio

Ray Robinson    Paul Pender    i     L 15    4 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Paul Pender    i     L 15           
Ray Robinson    Paul Pender    ii    L 15           
Ray Robinson    Ralph Tiger Jones        L 10            Ray comes back after 2.5 years off
Ray Robinson    Randy Turpin    i     L 15    52 min        Pre-fight footage
Ray Robinson    Randy Turpin    i     L 15        CS   
Ray Robinson    Randy Turpin    ii    TKO 10        CS    Ray Robinson rallies with a bad cut
Ray Robinson    Randy Turpin    ii    TKO 10    8 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Randy Turpin    ii    TKO 10    20 min        Hi-Lites Only - Ray rallies from nasty cut
Ray Robinson    Robert Villemain        TKO 9    3 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Rocky Castellani        W 10    7 min        Hi-Lites Only
Ray Robinson    Rocky Castellani       W 10    Complete-  30 minutes
Ray Robinson    Rocky Graziano        KO 3        CS   
Ray Robinson    Rocky Graziano        KO 3            Classic Robinson KO
Ray Robinson    Terry Downes        L 10    1 min        Hi-Lites Only
Robinson Collection
    Ancona        Amateur    30 sec        Hi-Lites Only
    Charley Fusari        W 15    8 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Cliff Becket    i     KO 4            Silent Audio - Hi-Lites
    East Basting        KO 1    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Emile Saerens        KO 8    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Freddy Flores        KO 5            Silent Audio - Hi-Lites
    Garth Panther        W 10    3 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Gaylord Barnes        W 10    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    George Estatoff        TKO 6    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Georgie Abrams        W 10    5 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Gerhard Hecht        NC 2    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Hans Stretz        KO 6    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Jean Stock        TKO 2    3 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Jean Walzack        W 10    3 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Joey Archer        L 10    8 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Joey Giardello        L 10    10 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Luc Van Dam        KO 4    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Mick Leahy        L 10    2 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Nonnell        Amateur    1 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Paul Pender    i     L 15    4 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Randy Turpin    ii    TKO 10    8 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Robert Villemain        TKO 9    3 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Rocky Castellani        W 10    12 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Rocky Graziano        KO 3    8 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Sammy Angott        W 10            Silent Audio
    Terry Downes        L 10    1 min        Hi-Lites Only
    Tony Riccio        TKO 4            Silent Audio
    Valentine        Amateur    1 min        Hi-Lites Only
Raul Martinez     Jose Alfredo Tirado   W6
Ricardo Mayorga    Vernon Forrest    ii    W 12           
Ricardo Mayorga    Vernon Forrest    ii    W 12            "Mayorga is pure rage, Vernon fights well"
Ricky Hatton  Kostya Tszyu   TKO 11
Riddick Bowe    Andrew Golota    ii    W DQ 9            "Unbelievable spectacle, great slugfest - Bowe never the same"
Riddick Bowe    Art Card        TKO 3    28-Nov-1989       
Riddick Bowe    Bert Cooper        KO 2    25-Oct-1990       
Riddick Bowe    Bruce Seldon        KO 1    09-Aug-1991       
Riddick Bowe    Conroy Nelson        KO 1    07-Apr-1992       
Riddick Bowe    Earl Lewis        KO 1    19-Sep-1989       
Riddick Bowe    Jorge Luis Gonzales        KO 6           
Riddick Bowe    Lionel Butler        TKO 2    06-Mar-1989        Riddick Bowes first Pro fight
Riddick Bowe    Many Contreras        TKO 1    08-May-1990       
Riddick Bowe    Mike Acey        TKO 1    19-Oct-1989       
Riddick Bowe    Philipp Brown        TKO 3    23-Jul-1991       
Riddick Bowe    Rodolfo Marin        KO 2    28-Jun-1991
Roberto Duran    Davey Moore        TKO 8         Mint studio      
Roberto Duran    Davey Moore        TKO 8        CS    Moore gets brutalizes- unbelievable battering
Roberto Duran    Davey Moore        TKO 8        CS    Different camera angles
Roberto Duran    Esteban DeJesus    i     KO'd by 11        CS   
Roberto Duran    Iran Barkley        W 12            Duran amazes again - his last great fight
Roberto Duran    Pipino Cuevas        TKO 4        CS   
Roberto Duran    Wilfred Benitez        L 15
Roberto Duran    Alvero  Rojas            KO 1           
Rocky Marciano    Archie Moore        KO 9    21-Sep-1955       
Ron Lyle    Documentary                    Includes fight with Bill Drover KO 2
Ron Lyle    Joe Bugner     W 12
Ron Lyle     Scott LeDoux    W 10
Ron Lyle    George Foreman        KO 5            Brutal war - perfect picture
Ron Lyle    Jerry Quarry        L 12           
Ron Lyle    Stan Ward        W 10
Rocky Graziano  Tony Zale    III    KO'd by 3           
Roy Jones    Antonio Tarver        W 12            Ray has a tough night
Roy Jones    Antonio Tarver    i     W 12           
Roy Jones    James Toney        W 12            Pre- & post-fight footage
Roy Jones    John Ruiz        W 12            "Roy dominates with speed, skill and guts"
Roy Jones    Mike McCallum        W 12       
Roy Jones    Reggie Johnson        W 12            Cuts out in Rd. 10 - Jones wins 12 Rd. decision
Ruben Olivares  Bobby Chacon  KO 2
Salvador Sanchez    Azumah Nelson        TKO 15            A vintage exhibit of boxing and fighting
Salvador Sanchez   Danny Lopez    I    TKO 13
Salvador Sanchez    Juan LaPorte        W 15
Salvador Sanchez    Rubin Castillo       W 15
Salvador Sanchez    Wilfredo Gomez     KO 8
Sam Langford    Lang            12 min        Exceptional rare footage
Sirimongkol Singmanasak   Michael Clark  TKO 7    starts in rd 2
Simon Brown    Terry Norris        KO 4            Norris learns not to punch with a puncher
Simon Brown    James McGirt      L 12
Sonny Liston    Albert Westphal        KO 1    30 sec        Masacre
Sonny Liston    Albert Westphal        KO 1    2 min        Westphal might as well get run over by a truck
Sonny Liston    Bert Whitehurst        W 10        CS   
Sonny Liston    Bill McMurray        KO 4    10 min       
Sonny Liston    Chuck Wepner        TKO 10        B&W    RARE - Silent audio - Handheld camera
Sonny Liston    Cleveland Williams        TKO 3    11 min        Classic battle between two heavy hitters
Sonny Liston    Cleveland Williams    i     TKO 3            Liston proves he is the better man against formidable Williams
Sonny Liston    Cleveland Williams    ii    KO 2            Sonny batters Cleveland for the second time
Sonny Liston    Eddie Machen        W 12        Classic Sports   
Sonny Liston    Floyd Patterson    i     KO 1            Liston obliterates Patterson  10 min
Sonny Liston    Floyd Patterson    ii    KO 1            Patterson  beat   5 min - silent
Sonny Liston    George Johnson        TKO 7    2 min        Poor quality
Sonny Liston    Gerhard Zech        KO 7    2 min       
Sonny Liston    Henry Clark        TKO 7           
Sonny Liston    Leotis Martin        KO'd by 9            Liston is in shape and dominates Martin until the shocking end
Sonny Liston    Muhammad Ali    i     TKO'd by 7            Liston meets the young legend Ali
Sonny Liston    Muhammad Ali    ii    KO'd by 1            Liston does not even try
Sugar Ramos    Davey Moore        TKO 10            Moore dies from injuries sustained
Sugar Shane Mosley    Oscar De La Hoya    i    W 12       
Commentary by HBO - Post-fight footage
Sugar Shane Mosley    Oscar DeLaHoya     ii     W 12
Sugar Shane Mosley    Winky Wright       i    L 12
Sugar Shane Mosley    Winky Wright     ii    L 12
Sugar Shane Mosley    Vernon Forest   i  L 12
Sugar Shane Mosley     Vernon Forest   ii  L 12
Sugar Shane Mosley    Jose Luis Cruz     W 10
Sugar Shane Mosley     David Estrada    W 10
Sugar Shane Mosley     Fernando Vargas    TKO 10
Sumbu Kalambay    Mike McCallum    i     W 12           
Terry Norris    Joe Gatti        TKO 1           
Terry Norris     Meldrick Taylor   TKO 4
Terry Norris     Simon Brown    I   TKO'd by 4
Terry Norris     Dana Rosenblat       L 12
Teofelio  Stevenson  Jimmy Clark III
Teofelio  Stevenson Francesco Damiani
Teofelio  Stevenson Craig Payne
Teofelio  Stevenson  Alex Garcia
Thomas Hearns            Iran Barkley    ii    L 12           
Thomas Hearns    Roberto Duran        KO 2    15-Jun-1984        Hearns drops Duran with a body shot
Tommy Burns    Bill Squires            1.5 min       
Tommy Burns    Jack O'Brien    iii    W 20    50 min        Silent audio
Tommy Loughran    Jack Sharkey        TKO'd by 3            Hi-Lites Only
Tommy Loughran    James Braddock        W 15            Hi-Lites Only
Tommy Loughran    Leo Lomski        W 15            Hi-Lites Only
Tommy Loughran    Primo Carnera        L 15            Hi-Lites Only
Tony Zale    Rocky Graziano    III    KO 3   
Travis Simms    Garcia Alejandro        KO 5
Trevor Berbick  John Tate      KO 9
Trevor Berbick  Muhammad Ali  W 10
Vince Phillips   Kosta Tszyu    TKO 10    31-May-1997       
Vitali Klitschko    Corrie Sanders        TKO 8            Sanders has a moment or two but takes a beating
Vitaly Klitschko    Danny Williams        TKO 8
Vernon Forest  Sergios Rios  KO 2  on the comeback - looks good
Vernon Forest  Shane Mosley   i  W 12
Vernon Forest  Shane Mosley  ii  W 12
Vernon Forest  Ricardo Mayorga  ii  L 12         
Willie Pep    Armand Savoie                    Hi-Lites Only
Willie Pep    Fabala Chavez                    Complete fight
Willie Pep    Gil Cadilli                    Hi-Lites Only
Willie Pep    Jimmy McAllister                    Hi-Lites Only
Willie Pep    Joey Cam                    Hi-Lites Only
Willie Pep    Lulu Perez                      Hi-Lites Only
Willie Pep    Ralph Walton                    Hi-Lites Only
Willie Pep    Ray Famechon                    Hi-Lites Only
Will Grisby   Victor Burgos    W 12

Winky Wright    Juan Candelo        W 12            Jones vs Ruiz undercard
Winky Wright    Robert Frazier        W 12        TSN
Winky Wright    Felix Trinidad         W12   Winky takes Felix to school
Winky Wright    Shane Mosley        W 12            Winky is too big and has that southpaw jab
Winky Wright    Shane Mosley    ii    W 12            Shane gives a spectacular but losing effort
Winky Wright   Sam Soliman   W 12
Wladimir Klitschko    Ray Mercer        TKO 6
Wladimir  Klitschko  Samuel Peter   W 12
Zab Judah  Carlos Baldomir              L12         
Zab Judah    DeMarcus Corley        W 12           
Zab Judah    Jaime Rangel        KO 1
Zab Judah     Cory Spinks      I  L 12
Zab Judah     Cory Spinks      II
Zab Judah    Cosme Rivera   TKO 3